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Healthcare and Life Sciences

The healthcare industry is under constant scrutiny and pressure to increase efficiency, keep information secure and improve care using the latest technology. However, your priority is taking care of your patients, not being tied up with IT. ITMC Systems healthcare IT services are designed to help health organizations improve physician adoption of EMR, maintain and ensure compliance, protect patient information and deliver better outcomes.

The ability to offer consumers more choices for quality healthcare coverage at affordable premiums is a win-win scenario for everyone involved.

Advantages of our Healthcare IT Services

The healthcare industry stands on the brink of potential change at possibly unprecedented levels due to the ongoing discussions over healthcare reform and the Affordable Care Act. However, that uncertainty also means there are potential opportunities.

The rising costs of healthcare should result in a gradual shift by health organizations towards value-based care systems. These types of systems will then drive the need for new operating models and emerging technologies that will then help improve patient outcomes.

Get a Strong Foundational Infrastructure

Healthcare providers rely on underlying technology infrastructures to operate effectively and deliver successful outcomes. As a top healthcare partner for industry leaders such as Cisco, EMC, Imprivata, NetApp, Sophos and VMware, ITMC Systems is uniquely qualified to deliver integrated, best-in-class IT infrastructures for EMR and meet the unique needs of healthcare providers

Enable Seamless Mobility

Virtual Desktops (VDI) combined with single sign-on “tap and go” technology provides fast access to virtual desktops that follow care providers as they move around a hospital, maintaining the state of their systems and applications as they change locations and devices.

Maintain Compliance

Meaningful Use compliance are critical to the financial well-being of healthcare providers. We’re committed to making sure that you’re in compliance at all times.

Prepare for the Unexpected

ITMC Systems data protection and business continuity solutions ensure you’re prepared in the event of any emergency. Rest easy knowing your data is always safe.