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Supply Chain, Retail and Logistics

The Logistics industry has long been a reflection of the global economy, with its growth directly linked to globalization. While increasing globalization offers enormous growth potential for companies in this sector, it also entails several challenges, such as more complex supply chains, higher costs and stringent regulatory stipulations.

Today’s logistics supply chains need to be highly flexible to enable pick-up or delivery requests, anytime and anywhere. There is increased pressure to deliver goods fast, with companies lining up alternative transport modes and ‘smarter’ routes to achieve this. There is also a higher focus on sustainability and compliance in the sector. Companies are fast deploying robust Transport Logistics IT Solutions as one of the means to address these challenges.

ITMC leverages its rich domain expertise to implement cutting-edge IT services for logistics companies, helping address the industry’s key challenges effectively. Our experience with clients ranges from providing application development and maintenance services, integration and testing services, to devising strategic solutions for efficient process management. We offer cost-effective, high-quality Transport Logistics IT Solutions, best-in-class ERP deployment skills, pre-tested domain-specific solutions and customized business intelligence capabilities.

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ITMC enables media entities to offer superior user experiences across platforms and helps them enhance content creation, distribution and rights management. By partnering with us, you can leverage multiple distribution models effectively for higher monetization of the content. Our proven expertise in new media and our strong digital technology credentials can help you achieve faster time-to-market and establish leaner operations.


Harness our end-to-end logistics solutions to gain superior visibility into events and resources, and improve business responsiveness

Ports & Shipping

ITMC provides ports and shipping companies a comprehensive technology platform to streamline processes across all phases of port operations

Metros & Railways

Deliver outstanding customer experiences and optimize operations with ITMC’s best-in-class software solutions for metros and railway operators


ITMC’s IT solutions for the aviation industry will help you achieve greater customer retention and operational efficiency, while reducing costs


Streamline your supply chain operations and boost collaboration with partners with CargoWise, our integrated Logistics solution