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Telecom Industries

The Telecom industry continues to transform and change, driven by an increase in demand for both mobile and broadband technologies. This push will require upgrades to network infrastructures for many telecom providers.

Carriers will continue to focus on providing data and voice services that are high quality, reliable, and affordable. As data usage from mobile users continues to increase, the corresponding demand will force carriers to invest in upgrades to their core connectivity and data storage infrastructures. Those upgrades will also be necessary over the next few years as carriers shift to the 5th Generation (5G) mobile networks along with handling the needs of the next generations of smartphones.

Our Offerings

Digital Transformation

Open Technologies strives to create and offer a package of vertically-oriented solutions covering all activity fields of the service provider: from optimization of business processes to development of new service ranges.

Construction of carrier-grade networks and communication systems

  • Wireless communication network construction/update
  • Transport network construction/upgrade
  • Broadband access network construction/upgrade
  • Construction/ upgrade of engineering infrastructure


  • Consolidated information area solution (Network Management Center)
  • Complex sales efficiency management system
  • Complex Key Quality and Key Performance Indicator (KQI/KPI) management system
  • Client Experience Management (CEM)
  • Field solution to work with Big Data

Service supply environment

  • in-house Telecommunication Solutions Center allowing fast assessment of market changes and developing and offering new services and solutions in the shortest possible time complying with certain customer's business tasks;
  • possibility to execute the whole range of works (service development and feasibility study of its introduction, designing of technological solution, hardware and software supplies, installation and construction works, commissioning, trainings for specialists and advanced support of the solution installed, including outsourcing);
  • compliance of the solutions, projects offered and works implemented to the industry GOSTs, requirements of Federal Communications Control Service upon the system and facility commissioning;
  • in-house service center working 24x7 and employing over 40 highly professional engineers;
  • possibility to test solutions offered on the basis of in-house laboratories and Central Research Institute of Communication (CRIC);
  • wide regional chain.

Our Solutions

Digital and Analytics

With our innovative digital and analytics services, telecom service providers will be able to revamp their existing business functions and user experiences in tandem with the dynamically transforming technology advancements. Our experienced and proficient experts will ensure to strategize and develop basic platform aspects for your business so that the digital transformation takes place without any hassle.

Application Services

Amidst the swiftly transforming technology climate, Cyfuture with its widespread experience and domain expertise helps the TSPs during their digital transformation journey. Our solutions offer businesses a high efficiency and effectiveness by utilizing the power of application modernization and platform innovation.

Infrastructure Services

It is not at all easy for the TSPs to sustain their businesses when the technology is changing every now and then. Since customers’ expectations align directly with the innovation and advancements going in the technology environment, getting suitable infrastructure service becomes more of an essentiality than a choice. Our professionals get to know your business requirement adeptly and then provide you custom-designed services accordingly.

Business Process Service

In an environment where technology priority is changing promptly, it becomes arduous for the service providers to manage their business outcomes and risk together. This is where Cyfuture steps in. We offer a wide range of business process services that help the CSPs and TSPs to increase their productivity while adapting to the swiftly transforming technology.