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Enterprise Architecture As A Service” (EA As A Service) would be a good thing. Fundamentally because a properly implemented service delivery model would put the emphasis in more appropriate places:

  • Production and use value versus EA as a deliverable
  • Timely value along the way versus at the end
  • Clear expectations versus vague promise
  • Support and enablement versus ivory tower compliance

What is Enterprise Architecture?

Enterprise Architecture is a discipline that translates business vision and strategy into an effective enterprise. It is a broader scope of Business Architecture and supports business transformation success with a design strategy. Driving innovation and quick adoption to any changes caused by the market, Enterprise Architecture will provide a better understanding of the organization and its operations along with its business capabilities. It focuses on operation level concerns while Business Architecture emphasizes on the strategic level of business. Enterprise Architecture oversees investments, governance and assurance while facilitating organizational change.

Basic events can trigger a refresh of Enterprise Architecture, so it would be ideal to have one that will allow your organization to quickly adapt to any future disruption(s). It has become more necessary for organizations to implement Enterprise Architecture as market environment increasingly grows more complex


Enterprise Architecture provides a hyper-extension view of the business ecosystem, processes, federated model of the entire organization and the combination of all. It covers key links between transactions in supply chain, market, and the socioeconomic sectors. Enterprise Architecture enhances enterprise strategies, capabilities, and initiatives. It is a guiding principle that helps shape investment and business behavior.

Strategy drives changes to Architecture which then translates Strategy into Execution. It is a continuous cycle resulting in continuous improvement. Business Architecture assures consistent application design across all delivery projections, thus enabling quick smooth decision making when necessary. It binds together different sectors, viewpoints, underlying principles, and systems, resulting in a repository of information that will improve decision making regarding business and technological changes. This practice aims to help organizations understand the structure and the way they work.



Enterprise Architecture provides an organization-wide overview of the business, ensuring the company is holistically consistent with its objectives and targets.

Strategic differentiation

Architectural efforts are usually created to respond or anticipate new business drivers. Each Architectural structure is personalized to the specific industry and organizations’ individual needs.


Easier and quicker introduction of new products or process changes and implementation of business rules.

Technology standardization

Technical risk and complexity is reduced due to standardization. This also causes the organization to be cost and time effective since tasks will consistently be in accordance to organization and governmental regulations

Key Benefits of the Service

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  • Develop new ideas and market them
  • Build leadership and management skills
  • Improve manufacturing processes
  • Build a business strategy and plan
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